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NB schrijf ons gerust in het Nederlands! J


updated: May 2, 2016


 May 3: Jopenbier Social!!!

May 5: Next Borrel!!!

HotDocs Festival (from April 28)





1 * Upcoming Dutch Treat events

·                                 May 3: Jopenbier Social (with CNBPA)

·                                 May 5: May Borrel

·                                 June 2: June Borrel

·                                 July 7: July Borrel

2 * Upcoming other Dutch-Canadian events / Meer Cana-Nederlandse activiteiten

·         April 28 – May 8: HotDocs International Documentary Festival

·         May 9: Dutch Heritage Month – Flag Raising

·         May 24 (Date Change!): CAANS hosts Peter van Zonneveld (Leiden)

·         May 26: Netherlands Luncheon Club presents with Apeldoorn delegation honouring CBC’s peter Mansbridge

·         June 13 – 16: 26th 4 Day Evening Walk in Dundas Valley


3 * Dutch Language Education / Nederlandse lessen

Update January 2016: the 2015/2016 School Year

·                  TORONTO: Lessons have started – more students very much welcome!

·                  HALTON/Oakville: Hopefully restarting shortly!



4 * Requests and inquiries / Verzoeken en vragen

·                  Stay tuned!



5 * News / Nieuws

·                     More to follow soon - Please stay tuned, thanks for your patience


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1* Upcoming Dutch Treat events



Dutch Treat, together with the CNBPA and the Dutch Brewery, presents the Jopenbier Social on May 3, 2016.

Jopen beer represents the rich Dutch brewing history, that is once again thriving. Jopen is a unique piece of Haarlem and Dutch history, as we brew in an old church and brew historic beers that date back as far as 1407.
Jopen Hoppenbier, an original recipe from 1501, is now available in Toronto and to celebrate this we invite you to our social at the Prenup Pub!

Some free beer can be expected, but “Op = Op” (first come, first served).

Place: Prenup Pub, 191 College St., in Toronto.
Time: 6-9pm.
RSVP: not necessary, but appreciated: via e-mail, or on our Facebook event page


Thu. May 5: BORREL

Our monthly Thursday Borrel is held every first Thursday evening of the month. This year, we are at Fynn's of Temple Bar, 489 King St West, Toronto. We will be here at 5.30 pm.

No need to be Dutch, everyone is welcome, but if you want to practice some Dutch, this is the place to be. Show up, have a drink, meet a couple of new friends. The focus is social interaction, meeting people, networking and conversation.  

We are also looking into some additional events in different locations (Oakville/Burlington? Toronto East? North GTA? Suggestions welcome: here); 

Place: Fynn’s of Temple Bar, 489 King St W, in Toronto.
Time: Everybody is welcome from 5:30pm – but feel free to come later (after dinner?), as we are sure to still be there.
RSVP: not necessary, but appreciated (so we can let the people of Fynn’s know): via e-mail, or on our Facebook event page

Tentative schedule for further borrels:

·                        June 2

·                        July 7


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2    * Upcoming other Dutch-Canadian events

April 28 – May 8: HotDocs International Documentary Festival

As usual, there are several Dutch, Belgian, and/or Dutch Language* movies again at HotDocs. Check them out!

·                            A Strange Love Affair with Ego*: link. April 28, April 29, and May 7.

·                            Up or Out*: link. May 4, 5, and 8.

·                            Ants on a Shrimp: link. May 1, 2, 4, and 8.

·                            Fireflies in the abyss: Link. April 29 and 30.

·                            The Land of the Enlightened: link. May 2, 4, and 6.

·                            League of Exotique Dancers: link. April 28 & 29.
Part of opening night Gala (Dutch producer).

·                            Mr. Gaga: link. May 1 and 2.

·                            Natural Disorder: link. April 29, May 1, and May 7.

·                            No man is an Island: link. May 1, 3, and 7.

·                            Strike a Pose: link. April 29, April 30, and May 7.

·                            Where is Rocky II: link. May 1, 3, and 8.

More information about HotDocs at www.hotdocs.ca.

May 9: Dutch Heritage Month – Flag Raising

Save the date: Dutch Heritage Month will once again be celebrated with a Flag Raising Ceremony. Join the Dutch Consulate-General, Provincial politicians, Dutchies and other Dutch-Canadians for this ceremony, 11:45 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

May 24: CAANS hosts Peter van Zonneveld (Leiden)
Peter van Zonneveld (University of Leiden) is guest speaker about author Hella S. Haasse and Indonesia. Sponsored by the Taalunie, he reports (among other things) about conversations with Ms. Haase between 1980 and 2007. A

At the Alumni Hall, 121 St. Joseph Street (near Queen Park Crescent), room 400 at 8 p.m.
Parking is available behind the building. If you use the TTC, exit at subway station Museum.
Entrance is free for members, non-members pay $ 5.

May 26: Luncheon Club presents Apeldoorn Delegation honouring CBC’s Peter Mansbridge

At the Boulevard Club, 1491 Lakeshore Road West. Please confirm attendance with Frits Begeman at 905-822-9279. More information at www.netherlandsluncheonclub.ca.

June 13 – 16: 26th 4 Day Evening Walk in Dundas Valley
A beautiful Dutch tradition.

* Choose between a challenging (8km) or relaxing (5km) marked route.
* Earn an official medal.
* A leisurely walk, for enjoyment only. (Non-competitive, no fundraising).
* Yummy treats along the way!
* Enjoy some Dutch music and food (available for purchase) before & after the walk.
* A great event for the whole family!

More information at www.4dew.com

For more events - also those further away from the GTA - in then Dutch Canadian Community please visit: www.dutchcommunitycalendar.ca.

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3 * Dutch Language Education / Nederlandse lessen – 2015/2016

UPDATE January 2016

Classes in TORONTO: Started, with more students still very much welcome!

Hi Young Families, this is for you!

The Don Mills Middle School has openings for Saturday Dutch classes. Annemarie, the teacher of this class is a long-standing member if our group and an excellent teacher! With a few extra students, the Toronto District School Board may also open an additional class!

The classes are very (!) inexpensive $20/year (not a typo!). So, give your children the gift learning a language. Think about it: its fun to meet other children and while at class, its quasi free day care for you and time to go from this long desired Saturday brunch with friends (just jokingJ

Here are the details. Contact us if you have any questions: info@dutchtreat.ca, or Annemarie at juf.leepel@gmail.com

Woodbine Junior High School
International Language Elementary Program (TDSB)
Location:  2900 Don Mills Rd, North York
Time:    Saturday 9:00 – 11:30 am
Grades:    JK – grade 8
Cost:        $ 20.00/year


Classes in HALTON/OAKVILLE: Lessons hopefully resuming

              Exciting News!!!
The Halton District School Board has advised us that several strong candidates have been found for the Teacher position, and student registration is currently being confirmed.

              Classes are expected to be at West Oak Public School in Oakville, 9:30 am – noon.

For more information and registration, please contact: Ms. Dorothy Whiteley, Program Administrator, International Languages (Elementary) Program, Gary Allan High School (Adult, Alternative & Community Education) - New Street Education Centre Halton District School Board - www.garyallan.ca - Phone:  905-632-2944, ext. 148; Fax: 905-637-5390; Email: whiteleyd@hdsb.ca.

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To those with an interest in Dutch language instruction for adults:

Previously, Dutch Treat sent out an email to gauge the interest in Dutch language instruction as well as an introduction to Dutch culture.  The response was overwhelming and many adults as well as children were tentatively registered as potential students. 

As we aimed to accommodate the children's Dutch language classes first we initiated classes in collaboration with the Toronto District School Board. We would still like to pursue lessons for adults who showed an interest in learning Dutch.

Currently, our steering committee has found three different options to fill the need/want for Dutch language adult classes, according to people's different purposes and goals.

Option 1: UofT Continuing Education

This option is available to people who would like to learn Dutch in order to complete a certificate course.

Dutch in class courses are offered at U of T School of Continuing Studies and they cater to multiple skill levels. The different courses are 8 weeks in length.

Upon completion of 4 levels of courses within a 36 months time limit, a certificate in conversational languages may be obtained.

Go to www.learn.utoronto.ca for more info.  Or contact Ms. Marianne Verheyen, mverheyen@sympatico.ca

Option 2: Semi private/small groups

This option will hopefully become available to people who would like to learn about the Dutch language and culture without the aim of completing a certificate course. These classes will be provided in small groups of maximum 5 people and will be taught by a private instructor. Fees will be determined in consultation with the instructor and based on the number of people registering.

Option 3: parallel to children’s classes

This option may be available to people who would like to learn about the Dutch language and culture in a parallel class to their children's class (enrolled in the TDSB international language classes).

Please contact info@dutchtreat.ca for more information.


Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you!

the Dutch Treat Dutch Language Initiative Steering Group

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4 * Request and Inquiries / Verzoeken en vragen

Stay tuned!

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5 * News / Nieuws


More To follow - Please stay tuned


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Dutch Treat Canada is a (free) social and cultural organization serving the Dutch-Canadian community in Toronto and the GTA. We organize a number of activities for various people: young and old; families, couples and singles; in and outside the city. We communicate in both Dutch and English.

Dutch Treat has more than 1500 members (summer 2013), plus hundreds more on Facebook (which is not always current, please refer to our e-mail membership) and reaches an estimated 3000+ Dutch-Canadians through its electronic Newsletter.

It goes without saying we celebrate national holidays like Queen's Day, Sinterklaas, and others. We also organize monthly borrels ('drinks', 'pubnights') in the evening (typically on the last Friday of the month) and regular daytime events. We have Winter Sports Days, Easter Parties, Picnics, Billiard Evenings, a number of cultural outings and much, much more. In relevant years we try to organize ‘Soccer Parties’ to watch World or Euro Cup matches together - the World Cup Final in 2010 attracted 1000s of enthusiastic fans.

In our regular newsletters we try to keep our members informed, also about activities of other Dutch-Canadian events and activities in Toronto and the GTA. Currently, the membership is free of cost.

If you want information, or are interested in becoming a member (we are Dutch, it is free!), please e-mail info@dutchtreat.ca (and indicate your preference for Dutch or English newsletters!). Feel free to join our Facebook group as well, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/DutchTreatCanada, but please be advised that e-mail and website are our preferred (and more current) means of communication.

Henriette Grootenhuis, Marjan Lahuis en Wilmar Kortleever,

Board of Management
Dutch Treat Canada, Toronto/GTA

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